Top 10 Art Galleries & Museums to Visit Around the World

If you’re planning an upcoming trip, one of the best ways to discover more about your destination’s history is to visit a gallery or a museum and indulge in art works from the past. They preserve the history of humanity’s creativity and give us interesting insights into diverse cultures. Most of the galleries and museums listed here are free to enter, though they will often have temporary exhibitions that will have a fee.

Here we list 10 of the best art galleries and museums to really dive deep into your inner Monet or da Vinci.

1. The Louvre Museum. Paris, France.

Your journey at The Louvre begins through the famous pyramid entrance, an addition to the medieval fortress by I. M. Pei. The collection holds 10,000 pieces and is home to some of the most iconic paintings, sculptures and objects in the world.

Most famous piece: The Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci.

2. The Acropolis Museum. Athens, Greece.

Housing the findings of the Acropolis of Athens and located on the top of the archaeological site of Makrigianni, this is a must see for anyone stepping foot in Athens. The museum was designed by Bernard Tschumi and Michael Photiadis and has received many awards for its architecture and the natural light inside.

Main attraction: The transparent sloped floors that show the remnants of settlements and sanctuaries that sat at the foot of the Acropolis.

3. Museum of Modern Art. New York City.

Established in 1929, the MoMA began with just eight prints and one drawing. Now renowned for its extensive collection of modern art, it currently holds around 200,000 pieces over 6 collection departments including; Drawings, Painting & Sculpture, Film & Media, Sculpture, Architecture & Design, Photography, and Print & Illustrated Books.

Main attraction: Campbell’s Soup Cans, by Andy Warhol

4. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Although many Van Gogh paintings can be seen around the world, a trip to the Van Gogh Museum is a unique and inspirational visit. The museum holds the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh works, including over 200 paints, 500 drawings and 700 of his letters.

Main attraction: Sunflowers, by Vincent Van Gogh

5. The National Gallery, London

Unlike many other galleries and museums worldwide, the National Gallery in London is free to enter. The six million annual visitors get to view some of the most awe-inspiring paintings in the world, including works by Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Seurat, Michelangelo, Turner and Rembrandt to name but a few.

Main attraction: Bacchus and Ariadne, Titian

6. Picasso Museum, Barcelona

The museum owns one of the largest collection of Picasso artworks in the world thanks to Jaime Sabatés, friend of Picasso, who donated the extensive collection to the city of Barcelona. The museum shows the artists life’s work in a chronological order and explains the different phases of his life.

Main attraction: The guided walking tour of the entire collection

7. The Uffizi Museum, Florence, Italy

The Uffizi was built between 1560-1580 and was originally a palace owned by the Medici family. The upper floor of the palace was turned into an art gallery and it has grown extensively since then, now consisting of both the first and second floors. The museum is known for its collection of paintings and sculptures from the Middle Ages to the Modern period, in particular from the 14th-century and the Renaissance period, and houses masterpieces from some of the most well-known Italian artists.

Main attraction: Birth of Venus, Botticelli

8. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum is Amsterdam’s grandest museum and is home to around one million pieces. The museum holds 800 years of Dutch history, including work by the famous masters, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer.

Main attraction: The Milkmaid, Johannes Vermeer

9. Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

The permanent exhibitions in The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest are a treasured collection of masterpieces from Europe, including; Raphael, El Greco, Van Dyck, Cezanne, Pissarro, Frans Hals and Dürer. Their Egypt gallery holds about 4000 interesting items including animal and human mummies.

Main attraction: The Old Master’s Collection

10. V&A Museum, London

Located in South Kensington, London, The Victoria and Albert is one of the world’s leading museums of art and design. It was founded in 1852 and has had several names changes including the South Kensington Museum. It is now named after Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert, commemorating his role. The museum holds over 2.3 million objects and is an incredible collection of human creativity.

Main attraction: Tipu’s Tiger, Unknown maker from about 1793

There you have it, out curated list of the top 10 galleries and museums we’ve visited throughout the years. If you’re interested in going on an expedition to visit some of these and make some friends on your way then download our app, Koodu, which helps travellers connect with eachother.

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